Student Health Insurance For International Students in the U.S.

Be at financial and mental peace with Student Cover.

Student Cover is a market leader among Insurance assisting companies in India which are dealing in International Student Insurance. We exhibit over half a decade of experience in facilitating students going to the U.S. with cost-effective, well-featured and University accepted American Health Insurance.

Ours is a student friendly online destination which simplifies the process of identifying and purchasing most suitable International Health & Travel Insurance plans which cater to student’s needs which are majorly influenced by the requirements of their selected University.

Student Cover has enrolled over 10,000 students in our leading Health & Travel Insurance plans who are thoroughly satisfied with not just our Insurance products but with our allied services. Apart from our Insurance plans, our services are another major reason which makes us a market leader. Our services such as online assistance for network medical provider identification and Insurance purchase, University Insurance waiver assistance and EST specific claim assistance.

Student Cover also collaborates with large student networks such as social media groups and Indian student associations to increase the reach of our plans so that more and more students can benefit and can save huge amount on Insurance and medical expenses.

Let us be your partner in good health.

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    Once you have access to MyAccount, you can print your ID card instantly. This card will have everything you need, including: your name, policy number, and ID number.

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    You will find everything you will need to know about your policy in your plan brochure such as eligibility, effective and termination dates, plan benefits, any exclusions or limitations, and instructions on how to file a claim.

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    Welcome to the Find a Doctor, Hospital or Lab Center! Whether you're looking for a doctor, hospital, laboratory, or even medical equipment and supplies, we have the information you need.

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