Student Health Insurance For International Students in the U.S.

With Student Cover, students studying around the world can have peace of mind that their health insurance needs are met.

STUDENT COVER is the premier online destination for international student medical & travel insurance. Our plans are not only comprehensive, but also affordable, and are specially designed to provide medical insurance for international students.

In past few years we have provided insurance cover to lots of Indian students going abroad for further studies. We have dedicated team for helping students in selecting the right medical insurance policy as per their needs which is majorly influenced by the requirements of their selected University. We have developed first of its kind standalone portal for student travelling abroad to different Universities or Countries and assisting them in choosing the right insurance plan which will be recognized by the Country or the Universities. Our team is highly trained to offer the very best customer support, as each customer service representative has appropriate insurance knowledge. We take great pride in helping you find the right international insurance plan.

We work collaboratively with students for the selection of their health insurance plans depending on their University requirements.

We have an in-house student research team working for providing tailor made insurance plans as per the requirements and making the insurance policy acceptable anywhere & everywhere.

Let us be your partner in good health.

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    Once you have access to MyAccount, you can print your ID card instantly. This card will have everything you need, including: your name, policy number, and ID number.

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    You will find everything you will need to know about your policy in your plan brochure such as eligibility, effective and termination dates, plan benefits, any exclusions or limitations, and instructions on how to file a claim.

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    Welcome to the Find a Doctor, Hospital or Lab Center! Whether you're looking for a doctor, hospital, laboratory, or even medical equipment and supplies, we have the information you need.

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